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  1. Sea Salt Caramel 100 g
    Sea Salt Caramel 100 g
    Price KES680.00
  2. House Leche 100g
    House Leche 100g
    Price KES680.00
  3. Salted Pretzel 100g
    Salted Pretzel 100g
    Price KES680.00
  4. Almond & Sea Salt 100g
    Almond & Sea Salt 100g
    Price KES680.00
  5. Fruit & Nut 100g
    Fruit & Nut 100g
    Price KES680.00
  6. Sorrento Orange 100g
    Sorrento Orange 100g
    Price KES680.00
  7. Kalahari Desert Salt 100g
    Kalahari Desert Salt 100g
    Price KES680.00
  8. Espresso 100g
    Espresso 100g
    Price KES680.00
  9. Peppermint Crisp 100g
    Peppermint Crisp 100g
    Price KES680.00
  10. Mexican Chilli 100g
    Mexican Chilli 100g
    Price KES680.00
  11. Mint Chip 100g
    Mint Chip 100g
    Price KES680.00
  12. Pure Blond 100g
    Pure Blond 100g
    Price KES680.00
  13. Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark 100g
    Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark 100g
    Price KES680.00
  14. Big 5 - Gift Box 85g
    Big 5 - Gift Box 85g
    Price KES999.00
  15. Marilan Milk & Cereals 81G
    Marilan Milk & Cereals 81G
    Price KES85.00
  16. Ryvita Sesame Rye 250G
    Ryvita Sesame Rye 250G
    Price KES495.00
  17. Ryvita Multiggrains 250Gm
    Ryvita Multiggrains 250Gm
    Price KES495.00
  18. Hom Butter Cashew Cookies 450G
    Hom Butter Cashew Cookies 450G
    Price KES280.00
  19. Marilan Strawberry 115G
    Marilan Strawberry 115G
    Price KES70.00
  20. Marilan Granola & Honey 80G
    Marilan Granola & Honey 80G
    Price KES80.00
  21. Parle Nice Biscuit 750G
    Parle Nice Biscuit 750G
    Price KES230.00
  22. Loacker Chocolate Wafer 75Gm
    Loacker Chocolate Wafer 75Gm
    Price KES150.00
  23. Marilan Chocolate 115G
    Marilan Chocolate 115G
    Price KES70.00
  24. Hom So Nice 100Gm
    Hom So Nice 100Gm
    Price KES30.00
  25. Hom Deluxe Assorted Bisc.3Kg
    Hom Deluxe Assorted Bisc.3Kg
    Price KES1,400.00
  26. Mc Vities Dark C/Digestive 200G
    Mc Vities Dark C/Digestive 200G
    Price KES220.00
  27. McDigestive Light 250Gm
    McDigestive Light 250Gm
    Price KES175.00
  28. Hom Snack Moments 300Gm
    Hom Snack Moments 300Gm
    Price KES195.00
  29. Hom Morning Breeze 300Gm
    Hom Morning Breeze 300Gm
    Price KES195.00
  30. Hom Choco Fingers 125Gm
    Hom Choco Fingers 125Gm
    Price KES165.00