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Grains & Flour

45 Result(s) Found

  1. S.W.L Masoor Kamande 1Kg
    S.W.L Masoor Kamande 1Kg
    Price KES243.00
  2. Pearl Black Beans(Njahi) 1Kg
    Pearl Black Beans(Njahi) 1Kg
    Price KES160.00
  3. Pearl Masoor Daal/Kamande 1Kg
    Pearl Masoor Daal/Kamande 1Kg
    Price KES253.00
  4. Yankee Green Gram Polished 1Kg
    Yankee Green Gram Polished 1Kg
    Price KES194.00
  5. Amana Njahi 1Kg
    Amana Njahi 1Kg
    Price KES150.00
  6. Yankee Raw Groundnuts 1Kg
    Yankee Raw Groundnuts 1Kg
    Price KES265.00
  7. Sunset Raw Popcorn 400Gm
    Sunset Raw Popcorn 400Gm
    Price KES125.00
  8. Sunset Raw Popcorn  100Gm
    Sunset Raw Popcorn 100Gm
    Price KES40.00
  9. Yankee Raw Cashewnuts 500Gm
    Yankee Raw Cashewnuts 500Gm
    Price KES793.00
  10. Farmnaivas Njahi 1Kg
    Farmnaivas Njahi 1Kg
    Price KES199.00
  11. Farmnaivas Nyayo 1Kg
    Farmnaivas Nyayo 1Kg
    Price KES150.00
  12. Farmnaivas Mwitemania  1Kg
    Farmnaivas Mwitemania 1Kg
    Price KES140.00
  13. Farmnaivas Wairimu Beans 1Kg
    Farmnaivas Wairimu Beans 1Kg
    Price KES145.00
  14. S.W.L Black Njahi (Lablab) 1Kg
    S.W.L Black Njahi (Lablab) 1Kg
    Price KES161.00
  15. Farmnaivas Kamande 1Kg
    Farmnaivas Kamande 1Kg
    Price KES240.00
  16. S.W.L Rosecoco Beans(Brown)1Kg
    S.W.L Rosecoco Beans(Brown)1Kg
    Price KES163.00
  17. Amana Ndengu 1Kg
    Amana Ndengu 1Kg
    Price KES174.00
  18. Yankee Masoor Whole 1Kg
    Yankee Masoor Whole 1Kg
    Price KES260.00
  19. S.W.L Green Gram Polished 1Kg
    S.W.L Green Gram Polished 1Kg
    Price KES199.00
  20. S.W.L Pigeon Peas (Toors) 1Kg
    S.W.L Pigeon Peas (Toors) 1Kg
    Price KES173.00
  21. Yankee Nyayo Beans 1Kg
    Yankee Nyayo Beans 1Kg
    Price KES187.00
  22. Exe Chapati 2Kg
    Exe Chapati 2Kg
    Price KES127.00
  23. Maycorn Maize Flour 2Kg
    Maycorn Maize Flour 2Kg
    Price KES145.00
  24. Jogoo Wimbi Flour 2Kg
    Jogoo Wimbi Flour 2Kg
    Price KES182.00
  25. Exe Mandazi 2Kg
    Exe Mandazi 2Kg
    Price KES129.00
  26. Exe Atta Mark 1 2Kg
    Exe Atta Mark 1 2Kg
    Price KES127.00
  27. Exe Self Raising 2Kg
    Exe Self Raising 2Kg
    Price KES131.00
  28. Pure Health Home B/Flour 2Kg
    Pure Health Home B/Flour 2Kg
    Price KES180.00
  29. Famila Infant Weaning 1Kg
    Famila Infant Weaning 1Kg
    Price KES112.00
  30. Pure Health Toto Afya 1Kg
    Pure Health Toto Afya 1Kg
    Price KES185.00

45 Result(s) Found