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Sugar & Sweeteners

  1. Nutrameal Packed Sugar 1Kg
    Nutrameal Packed Sugar 1Kg
    Price KES108.00
  2. Economy White Sugar 2Kg
    Economy White Sugar 2Kg
    Price KES230.00
  3. Farmnaivas Local Sugar 1Kg
    Farmnaivas Local Sugar 1Kg
    Price KES105.00
  4. Kabras Packed Sugar 1Kg
    Kabras Packed Sugar 1Kg
    Price KES107.00
  5. Farmnaivas Local Sugar 2Kg
    Farmnaivas Local Sugar 2Kg
    Price KES210.00
  6. Kabras Packed Sugar 2Kg
    Kabras Packed Sugar 2Kg
    Price KES214.00
  7. Nutrameal Packed Sugar 2Kg
    Nutrameal Packed Sugar 2Kg
    Price KES215.00
  8. Clovers Brown Sugar 500g
    Clovers Brown Sugar 500g
    Price KES115.00
  9. Zesta Icing Sugar 500g
    Zesta Icing Sugar 500g
    Price KES108.00
  10. Clovers Caster Sugar 500Gm
    Clovers Caster Sugar 500Gm
    Price KES110.00
  11. Zesta Icing Sugar 500G Pkt
    Zesta Icing Sugar 500G Pkt
    Price KES108.00