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  1. Duvet cover MOE001
    Duvet cover MOE001
    Price KES4,850.00
  2. Mosquito net Purple
    Mosquito net Purple
    Price KES2,600.00
  3. Mosquito net Pink
    Mosquito net Pink
    Price KES2,600.00
  4. Mosquito Net White
    Mosquito Net White
    Price KES2,600.00
  5. Mosquito Net Cream White
    Mosquito Net Cream White
    Price KES2,600.00
  6. Air Bed - WSA7572
    Air Bed - WSA7572
    Price KES2,637.00
  7. Electric Underblanket - F901
    Electric Underblanket - F901
    Price KES5,943.00
  8. Bed Sheet MOE002
    Bed Sheet MOE002
    Price KES4,250.00
  9. Printed Cushion-14"x14"-2068
    Printed Cushion-14"x14"-2068
    Price KES490.00
  10. Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2095
    Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2095
    Price KES620.00
  11. Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2099
    Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2099
    Price KES620.00
  12. Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2101
    Printed Cushion-16"x16"-2101
    Price KES620.00
  13. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2041-Lilac-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2041-Lilac-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  14. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2042-Plum-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2042-Plum-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  15. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2043-Purple Sky-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2043-Purple Sky-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  16. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2044-Red Dawn-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2044-Red Dawn-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  17. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2045-Chocolate Brown-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2045-Chocolate Brown-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  18. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2047-Forest Green-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2047-Forest Green-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  19. Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2048-Steel Grey-Single
    Microfiber Comforter-200GSM-2048-Steel Grey-Single
    Price KES2,000.00
  20. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2001-Green Wave-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2001-Green Wave-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  21. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2002-Pink Meadow-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2002-Pink Meadow-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  22. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2003-Classy Floral-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2003-Classy Floral-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  23. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2004-Garden Nector-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2004-Garden Nector-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  24. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2005-Silver Valley-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2005-Silver Valley-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  25. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2006-Mystic Blue-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2006-Mystic Blue-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  26. Microfiber Duvet Cover-2007-Ocean Mist-Single
    Microfiber Duvet Cover-2007-Ocean Mist-Single
    Price KES2,250.00
  27. Bed Sheet MOE003
    Bed Sheet MOE003
    Price KES4,250.00
  28. Bed Sheet MOE004
    Bed Sheet MOE004
    Price KES3,550.00
  29. Bed Sheet MOE005
    Bed Sheet MOE005
    Price KES3,550.00
  30. Bed Sheet MOE006
    Bed Sheet MOE006
    Price KES3,550.00