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Furniture & Fittings

  1. Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Price KES1,400.00
  2. Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Price KES850.00
  3. Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Price KES800.00
  4. Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Price KES650.00
  5. Kenpoly Chair 2016
    Kenpoly Chair 2016
    Price KES1,495.00
  6. Shelf Brackets 6*8 Pair
    Shelf Brackets 6*8 Pair
    Price KES85.00
  7. Shoe Rack PK17
    Shoe Rack PK17
    Price KES4,600.00
  8. Mosquito Baby Cot Pink
    Mosquito Baby Cot Pink
    Price KES2,800.00
  9. Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Wine Red
    Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Wine Red
    Price KES4,200.00
  10. Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Brown
    Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Brown
    Price KES4,200.00
  11. Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Purple
    Shoe Rack (fabric canvas) Purple
    Price KES4,200.00
  12. Kids Study Table Light Blue
    Kids Study Table Light Blue
    Price KES5,000.00
  13. Kids Study Table Dark Blue
    Kids Study Table Dark Blue
    Price KES5,000.00
  14. Kids Study Table Pink
    Kids Study Table Pink
    Price KES5,000.00
  15. Kids Study Table Green
    Kids Study Table Green
    Price KES5,000.00
  16. Mosquito Baby Cot Blue
    Mosquito Baby Cot Blue
    Price KES2,800.00
  17. Handbag hanger/coat rackSilver
    Handbag hanger/coat rackSilver
    Price KES2,900.00
  18. Shoe Rack Pink
    Shoe Rack Pink
    Price KES1,000.00
  19. Shoe Rack Red
    Shoe Rack Red
    Price KES1,000.00
  20. Shoe Rack Light green
    Shoe Rack Light green
    Price KES1,000.00
  21. Shoe Rack Light blue
    Shoe Rack Light blue
    Price KES1,000.00
  22. Shoe Rack Purple
    Shoe Rack Purple
    Price KES1,000.00
  23. Portable Table - TABLEMATE-II
    Portable Table - TABLEMATE-II
    Price KES2,600.00