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Garden & Outdoor

  1. Flexible and Extensible HoseDTC333CNDGAT150
    Flexible and Extensible HoseDTC333CNDGAT150
    Price KES1,700.00
  2. Red and Yellow Tent  S&S028
    Red and Yellow Tent S&S028
    Price KES2,999.00
  3. Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Price KES1,375.00
  4. Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Price KES800.00
  5. Kenpoly Chair 2019
    Kenpoly Chair 2019
    Price KES795.00
  6. Kenpoly Baby Chair #5003
    Kenpoly Baby Chair #5003
    Price KES245.00
  7. Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Price KES800.00
  8. Kenpoly Chair #2034
    Kenpoly Chair #2034
    Price KES720.00
  9. Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Price KES605.00
  10. Flexible HoseDTC332CNMTR200
    Flexible HoseDTC332CNMTR200
    Price KES1,850.00
  11. Flexible HoseDTC333CN200UK
    Flexible HoseDTC333CN200UK
    Price KES2,750.00
  12. Flag Kenya 24X36 Small
    Flag Kenya 24X36 Small
    Price KES1,300.00
  13. Flexible HoseDTC333CN150UK
    Flexible HoseDTC333CN150UK
    Price KES2,500.00
  14. Chair /Bed Foldable FC1536079
    Chair /Bed Foldable FC1536079
    Price KES8,296.00
  15. Chair Foldable LC2301
    Chair Foldable LC2301
    Price KES2,227.00
  16. Chair Foldable LC2307
    Chair Foldable LC2307
    Price KES11,136.00
  17. Chair Foldable LC2302
    Chair Foldable LC2302
    Price KES4,997.00
  18. Chair Foldable FC354244
    Chair Foldable FC354244
    Price KES3,341.00
  19. Chair Foldable FC525285
    Chair Foldable FC525285
    Price KES2,812.00
  20. Chair Foldable FC363658
    Chair Foldable FC363658
    Price KES2,227.00
  21. Chair Foldable FC465187
    Chair Foldable FC465187
    Price KES2,812.00
  22. Flag Kenya 48X72 Extra Large
    Flag Kenya 48X72 Extra Large
    Price KES4,000.00
  23. Flag Kenya 40X60 Large
    Flag Kenya 40X60 Large
    Price KES2,486.00
  24. Flag Kenya 30X46 Medium
    Flag Kenya 30X46 Medium
    Price KES2,143.00