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Garden & Outdoor

  1. Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Kenpoly Junior Chair
    Price KES605.00
  2. Kenpoly Chair #2034
    Kenpoly Chair #2034
    Price KES720.00
  3. Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Kenchair 2036 Nu Blue
    Price KES800.00
  4. Kenpoly Baby Chair #5003
    Kenpoly Baby Chair #5003
    Price KES245.00
  5. Kenpoly Chair 2019
    Kenpoly Chair 2019
    Price KES795.00
  6. Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Kenchair 2037 Ivory
    Price KES800.00
  7. Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Kenpoly Ken Table 3007
    Price KES1,400.00

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