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Non Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Red Bull Energy Drink 250Ml
    Red Bull Energy Drink 250Ml
    Price KES155.00
  2. Red Bull 355Ml
    Red Bull 355Ml
    Price KES225.00
  3. Monster Energy Original 500Ml
    Monster Energy Original 500Ml
    Price KES165.00
  4. Monster Energy Assault 500Ml
    Monster Energy Assault 500Ml
    Price KES165.00
  5. Monster Energy Khaos 500Ml
    Monster Energy Khaos 500Ml
    Price KES165.00
  6. Red Bull - 250ml
    Red Bull - 250ml
    Price KES170.00
  7. Monster Khaos - 500ml
    Monster Khaos - 500ml
    Price KES200.00
  8. Monster Energy 500Ml
    Monster Energy 500Ml
    Price KES200.00
  9. Monster Assault - 500ml
    Monster Assault - 500ml
    Price KES200.00
  10. Del Monte Apple - 1Lt
    Del Monte Apple - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  11. Del Monte Mango - 1Lt
    Del Monte Mango - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  12. Del Monte Mixed Berry - 1Lt
    Del Monte Mixed Berry - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  13. Del Monte Orange - 1Lt
    Del Monte Orange - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  14. Del Monte Passion - 1Lt
    Del Monte Passion - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  15. Del Monte Pineapple - 1Lt
    Del Monte Pineapple - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  16. Del Monte Tropical - 1Lt
    Del Monte Tropical - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  17. Pep Lime Juice - 1.5Lt
    Pep Lime Juice - 1.5Lt
    Price KES250.00
  18. Pep Lime Juice - 700ml
    Pep Lime Juice - 700ml
    Price KES150.00
  19. Pick N Peel Mango - 1Lt
    Pick N Peel Mango - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  20. Pick N Peel Tropical - 1Lt
    Pick N Peel Tropical - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  21. Pick N Peel White Grape - 1Lt
    Pick N Peel White Grape - 1Lt
    Price KES240.00
  22. Coke Soda 2Lt
    Coke Soda 2Lt
    Price KES150.00
  23. Coke Light 2Ltr
    Coke Light 2Ltr
    Price KES150.00
  24. Fanta Orange 2Ltr
    Fanta Orange 2Ltr
    Price KES150.00
  25. Fanta Black Currant 2Ltr
    Fanta Black Currant 2Ltr
    Price KES150.00
  26. Fanta Pineapple 2Ltr
    Fanta Pineapple 2Ltr
    Price KES150.00
  27. Club Lemon& Lime Soda 2L
    Club Lemon& Lime Soda 2L
    Price KES130.00
  28. Club Cola Soda 2L
    Club Cola Soda 2L
    Price KES130.00
  29. Coke 1.25 Ltr Pet
    Coke 1.25 Ltr Pet
    Price KES99.00
  30. Stoney Tangawizi 1.25Ltr Pet
    Stoney Tangawizi 1.25Ltr Pet
    Price KES99.00