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40 Result(s) Found

  1. Peas Unshelled 1kg
    Peas Unshelled 1kg
    Price KES190.00
  2. Cucumber 1kg
    Cucumber 1kg
    Price KES154.00
  3. Eggplant 1kg
    Eggplant 1kg
    Price KES132.00
  4. French Beans 500g
    French Beans 500g
    Price KES88.00
  5. Maize Cob Per Piece
    Maize Cob Per Piece
    Price KES30.00
  6. Garlic Imported - Bunch of 3
    Garlic Imported - Bunch of 3
    Price KES110.00
  7. Garlic Local - Bunch of 3
    Garlic Local - Bunch of 3
    Price KES75.00
  8. Ginger 250g
    Ginger 250g
    Price KES55.00
  9. Green Pepper (Hoho) 1kg
    Green Pepper (Hoho) 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  10. Karela 250g
    Karela 250g
    Price KES33.00
  11. Leeks 1kg
    Leeks 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  12. Matoke - Bunch of 5
    Matoke - Bunch of 5
    Price KES45.00
  13. Okra Bunch of 500g
    Okra Bunch of 500g
    Price KES110.00
  14. Onions - Red 1kg
    Onions - Red 1kg
    Price KES120.00
  15. Onions - White 1kg
    Onions - White 1kg
    Price KES220.00
  16. Courgette 1kg
    Courgette 1kg
    Price KES154.00
  17. Peas Shelled  500g
    Peas Shelled 500g
    Price KES195.00
  18. Plantain - Bunch of 3
    Plantain - Bunch of 3
    Price KES110.00
  19. Potatoes 1kg
    Potatoes 1kg
    Price KES80.00
  20. Pumpkins 3kgs
    Pumpkins 3kgs
    Price KES220.00
  21. Red Cabbage 1kg
    Red Cabbage 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  22. Sweet potatoes - Red 1kg
    Sweet potatoes - Red 1kg
    Price KES110.00
  23. Tomatoes 1kg
    Tomatoes 1kg
    Price KES130.00
  24. Tumeric  250g
    Tumeric 250g
    Price KES100.00
  25. Bottle Gourd 1kg
    Bottle Gourd 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  26. Raddish 1kg
    Raddish 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  27. Ridge Gourd 1kg
    Ridge Gourd 1kg
    Price KES165.00
  28. Mushrooms Button Per Piece
    Mushrooms Button Per Piece
    Price KES330.00
  29. Sweet Corn Bunch of 3
    Sweet Corn Bunch of 3
    Price KES165.00
  30. Chillie 500g
    Chillie 500g
    Price KES110.00

40 Result(s) Found