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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Masoko has partnered with Sendy, to ensure that your orders are delivered securely and on time.

Delivery Service Options

i) Express Delivery Services: Monday to Saturday 1-24 hrs.

Applicable only for consignment products that are stored and fulfilled by Masoko Delivery is only within Nairobi and currently offered during Business Days (excludes Sundays & Public Holidays) of the week.

ii) Standard Delivery Service: 1-72 hrs.

Applicable to all Products listed on Masoko

Sundays & Public Holidays excluded.

Where do we deliver?

We currently deliver only in Nairobi. 

Delivery Timelines

Delivery timelines are calculated by taking the estimate shipping (when order processing at the warehouse is complete and ready for dispatch) date and adding the transit time (the time it takes a package to travel from the hubs to Buyer destination address either to Nairobi or other towns). This will differ based on the shipping service choice made by the buyer.

For Express and Standard services, the transit time-period is calculated strictly using business days, which excludes Sunday and Public holidays.

How much does delivery cost?

Our delivery services are based on three key factors; service type, weight, and destination.

Click here to view all the area that Masoko will deliver your orders to view our current delivery charges.

How is packaging done?

Masoko uses eco-friendly bio-degradable and recyclable corrugated boxes to package your orders. This is in line with the Safaricom commitment of taking moral responsibility of managing our environmental impact, and recognizing that environmental considerations are an integral part of our overall business strategy,

Our range of different box sizes are designed to accommodate all types of product shapes and sizes. This gives you the assurance and confidence that your order will be secure and well protected to arrive safely at your doorstep.

Packaging multiple orders?

Multiple orders will be combined into the same package to reduce cost and number of packages shipped to a customer.

How to track your orders status

Orders status can be tracked using the order numbers provided once a purchase is completed. A link is provided where the buyer can view the progression of the order from the moment the order is placed, processed, dispatched, and shipped to deliver. Any issues can also be viewed. See below box for quick reference and definition of the key order status terminologies.

 Key Relevant Order Status Terminologies



Order pending

Payment successful and pending processing

Ready to ship to Hub

Applies to Dropship order items – Vendor has confirmed the items is in stock and ready to ship to the Fargo Courier Hub

Order Cancelled

The order has been canceled for various reasons like fraudulent cases, customer requests, goods out of stock

Order Payment Failed

Failed- Order payment has been placed but payment has failed thus whole order is terminated

Order packing

items being packed for dispatch

Ready to ship

Packing has been completed and the item is ready for dispatch to ship


out for delivery and now on transit for delivery to the Customer(buyer)


Order has been delivered to the customer and Proof of Delivery (P.O.D) details is available on the tracking system.

Item is cancelled

Out of stock- The customer placed an order but was cancelled because the Dropship vendor couldn’t fulfil the item as it was out of Stock. Masoko Customer Support will advise the Buyers accordingly.

Item rejected due to Quality failure

The item delivered to the hub is rejected for not meeting the quality parameters and requirements. item to be returned to the vendor

Item Cancelled

Delayed: The item is declined for late delivery by the vendor to the hubs thus affecting the SLAS

Item Returned to Vendor

The item is returned due to different reasons like wrong item delivered, wrong colour

Returned at the Hub

The item has been returned by the customer and it’s at the Fargo hubs or collection centre

Returned to the Warehouse

The item has been returned and it’s at the warehouse

Return item collected

The items returned by the customer has been picked up from the Hub by the vendor

Delivery Attempt Failed

The customer is not available to receive the item