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51 Result(s) Found

  1. Philips Feather Light Steam Iron - Purple
    Philips Feather Light Steam Iron - Purple
    Special Price Price KES3,900.00 Price KES5,000.00
  2. Philips Diva Dry iron - 1200W  - GC122 - Green
    Philips Diva Dry iron - 1200W - GC122 - Green
    Special Price Price KES2,545.00 Price KES4,500.00
  3. Philips HD9334 - 1.5L Kettle - 2200W - White & Caribbean Blue
    Philips HD9334 - 1.5L Kettle - 2200W - White & Caribbean Blue
    Special Price Price KES4,295.00 Price KES5,500.00
  4. Philips Male Shaver S1110
    Philips Male Shaver S1110
    Price KES7,295.00
  5. Philips Male Shaver S1510
    Philips Male Shaver S1510
    Price KES10,495.00
  6. Philips Male Shaver S5100
    Philips Male Shaver S5100
    Price KES17,495.00
  7. Philips Male Shaver S5420
    Philips Male Shaver S5420
    Price KES19,995.00
  8. Philips Male Shaver AT600
    Philips Male Shaver AT600
    Price KES4,995.00
  9. Philips Male Shaver PQ206
    Philips Male Shaver PQ206
    Price KES3,795.00
  10. Philips Male Shaver AT750
    Philips Male Shaver AT750
    Price KES13,795.00
  11. Philips Body Groom BG2024
    Philips Body Groom BG2024
    Price KES7,595.00
  12. Philips Hair Clipper HC3100
    Philips Hair Clipper HC3100
    Price KES3,695.00
  13. Philips Trimmer NT3160
    Philips Trimmer NT3160
    Price KES3,395.00
  14. Philips Trimmer MG1100
    Philips Trimmer MG1100
    Price KES4,995.00
  15. Philips Trimmer NT5175
    Philips Trimmer NT5175
    Price KES5,595.00
  16. Philips Trimmer QT4005
    Philips Trimmer QT4005
    Price KES6,595.00
  17. Philips Trimmer QT4015
    Philips Trimmer QT4015
    Price KES8,795.00
  18. Philips Trimmer QT4022
    Philips Trimmer QT4022
    Price KES10,995.00
  19. Philips Female Epilator HP6341
    Philips Female Epilator HP6341
    Price KES3,695.00
  20. Philips Female Epilator HP6422
    Philips Female Epilator HP6422
    Price KES5,195.00
  21. Philips Female Epilator BRT382
    Philips Female Epilator BRT382
    Price KES5,595.00
  22. Philips Female Epilator HP6423
    Philips Female Epilator HP6423
    Price KES8,195.00
  23. Philips Hair Straightner HP8321
    Philips Hair Straightner HP8321
    Price KES3,695.00
  24. Philips Hair Straightner HP8323
    Philips Hair Straightner HP8323
    Price KES5,495.00
  25. Philips Hair Styler HP8661
    Philips Hair Styler HP8661
    Price KES5,795.00
  26. Philips Hair Dryer BHD001
    Philips Hair Dryer BHD001
    Price KES2,195.00
  27. Philips Hair Dryer HPS910
    Philips Hair Dryer HPS910
    Price KES12,495.00
  28. Philips Hair Dryer HPS920
    Philips Hair Dryer HPS920
    Price KES16,495.00
  29. Philips Food Processor HR7627
    Philips Food Processor HR7627
    Price KES12,495.00
  30. Philips Food Processor HR7628
    Philips Food Processor HR7628
    Price KES14,995.00

51 Result(s) Found